1+ Watt MR16 3800 Kelvin
Great Starter LED Lamp. Flood Beam Angle.
Over 400 in Stock  $5 each
3 Watt MR16 3300 Kelvin
Viewing Rooms, Accent Lighting, Movie Rooms.
Over 300 in Stock  $17 each
4-9 Watt MR16 3300 Kelvin
General Lighting, Wall Washing, Retail Spot Displays.
Over 100 in Stock  $26+
30 Watt 2600 Lumen
Ridiculous Power Output for Store Displays, High Ceilings, Security. Need Heat Sink.
Over 10 in Stock  $60+

These bulbs require a MR16 adapter, about $1.00 each and some mounting hardware (shown below)..

Juno 4" Low Voltage Adjustable Angle Recessed Light Trim
MR16 Trim
Gold, Silver, Black & White.
Over 300 asst in Stock  $16 each
MR16 Adjustable Trim
Black & White.
Over 50 in Stock  $28 each
MR16 Fish Eye Trim
Over 50 in Stock  $22 each
MR16 Square Trim
Gold. Great for Wooden Detailed Ceilings.
Over 40 in Stock  $34 each

All LED's require a 120V transformer. Prices valid for 25pcs or more with COD or prepaid terms. Questions: 914-662-6002.

MagnoSpot 1000
Allows for Razor Crisp Spotlighting for Restaurant Tables, Retail Store Displays.
Over 25 in Stock  $122 each
  Colorstrip 12RGB
100's of different colors via remote. Great for under cabinets, display
cases, bar trims, stair cases, etc.
Over 150 in Stock  $22 each
Colorstrip Deluxe Control
Provides complete control and
programming of our RGB system.
Over 24 in Stock  $82 each
LED Fluorescents
Available from 10 to 60 watts. Supply up to 2000 lumens each.
Starting at $40 each (SALE)

Every item comes with 1 year unconditional warranty. Defective or blown bulbs replaced "no questions asked".